Watch: “Deadliest Crude: Risking it All for Black Gold ….. and green profits”

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Dear Casey,

Watch: “Deadliest Crude: Risking it all for black gold…and green profits”Shell’s already proven it doesn’t have what it takes to drill in the Arctic Ocean. Help prevent an oil spill that would threaten wildlife like polar bears and endangered bowhead whales by keeping Shell out of the Arctic.

Despite Shell’s history of Arctic bungling, the company just submitted plans to drill in the Arctic Ocean as soon as this summer. Even worse, they had the audacity to demand weaker rules to do so.

But we’re ready to fight back. With the help of Pulitzer Prize-winner Mark Fiore, we’ve created a new video to raise awareness about Shell’s abysmal past performance and rally the country to stop Shell before it can do more damage. Check it out!

Too many times, we’ve seen what happens when oil and water meet: oil-soaked birds; dying sea life; orcas threatened with extinction. And that’s where Shell comes in. In the company’s rush to drill, Shell has already had its oil spill containment dome “crushed like a beer can” during calm water testing and totaled its drill ship, the Kulluk, in an effort to avoid taxes. What’s next? Hmmmm . . . let’s not find out.

Watch our new video highlighting Shell’s mishaps in the Arctic. (And don’t forget to sign our petition at the end.)

America’s Arctic Ocean – ground zero for climate change, with no known methods for cleaning up an oil spill in Arctic sea ice – is the worst possible place to take unnecessary risks.

Tell President Obama: don’t risk the fate of polar bears, endangered bowhead whales and other ocean residents. Keep America’s Arctic Ocean safe from Shell!

I hope you enjoy our video!

Leah Donahey
Arctic Ocean and Reserve Program Director

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