Big Polluters Spend Millions on this Election

Sep 26, 2012 by

Big polluters like the Koch brothers are spending millions and millions of dollars in this election. In August alone, the Koch group Americans for Prosperity spent $25 million1 on attack ads targeting President Obama. And that’s just one group, in one month, in one race. So far this year, there’s been more than $150 million spent on ads promoting dirty-energy policies.2

Flooding the airwaves with misleading ads is all big polluters can do, because in their fight to tear down our clean-air and water protections, they know they don’t have the facts on their side.

Now you can help your friends and family see through the fog of attack ads and soundbites… and get the facts about what’s really at stake. The Sierra Club’s new online Voter Guide puts that power in your hands.

Check out candidates running for office in your state with the Sierra Club’s new Voter Guide, then share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

To your friends, family, and neighbors, your opinion is worth a whole lot more than any 30-second ad paid for by polluters. That’s why the best way to cut through the noise and the clutter of the election season is to simply talk to your friends and family. With our new online Voter Guide, we’re giving you a powerful tool to arm them with the facts on some of the key races nationwide.

You can give them information on everything from how to register and where to vote,to where the candidates stand on key issues like:

  • Clean energy jobs
  • Clean air & water
  • America’s wild legacy
  • Women’s health
  • Climate disruption

Big polluters will do, say, or spend anything to put their profits before the future of our planet and the health of American families. This election, they’ve launched a full-scale assault on the safeguards that protect our kids from soot and mercury, and they’re taking aim at the strong, new fuel-efficiency standards and clean-energy jobs that threaten their profits. And they’ve only just begun.

But we’ve got two things they don’t have: people and facts. Find your candidates and then use the share buttons on the side of the site and email it, tweet it, share it, post it, pin it — whatever you can do. Help your friends and family get the facts so they can stand up against the big polluters in this election.

Thanks for all you do to protect our environment,

Cathy Duvall
Sierra Club Political Director

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[1] Koch brothers’ nonprofit hits the ground in swing states, USA TODAY, 8/23/12
[2] Fossil Fuel Industry Ads Dominate TV Campaign, New York Times, 9/14/12

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