Bio-Batteries Powered by Sugar

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by Bailey, physician PF Intern | 12:10 am July 10th, mind 2012 |

After exercising, cialis lots of people like to consume sports drinks, like Gatorade, to rehydrate and regain electrolytes. But what if you could power a battery by consuming that same beverage?

Researchers at CFD Research Corporation are working on creating a fuel cell that is powered by glucose and sucrose, types of sugar commonly found in soda and sports drinks.

The fuel uses enzymes to convert sugar into electrical energy and recharges itself when more sugar is added. According to Sameer Singhal, Director of Biomedical and Energy at CFDRC, says that one sugar packet contains the same amount of energy as 6 AA lithium batteries. He says the sugar-powered is safer, too–it is not flammable or toxic.

This research could pave the way to further discoveries and innovations, such as implantable medical devices. At the University of California-Berkeley, researchers are working on a pacemaker that uses this technology!
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