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Our multi-award winning audio series enters a NEW SEASON of showcasing established and emerging social and scientific innovators. These are the ardent voices of global visionaries – spanning the rich arc of human endeavor and practical transformation toward a future environment of hope.

LISTEN to a current Bioneers Series XII Episode Spotlight:
Escaping Control
with Gloria Steinem


Donor Spotlight


Photo (c) Susan Wilson

Carolyn North

Bioneers Donor since 2008


Give a young person a hand-up and reciprocal blessings will pour forth from the universe.


We’re pleased to share with you, IN PRAISE OF MENTORING, an essay written by one of our Donors, and a Bioneers Conference attendee since 2007, Carolyn North. After reading, please feel welcome to share your thoughts about Carolyn’s essay by posting your comments on our web page. READ ESSAY >>


From Annie Leonard and ‘The Story of Stuff’ team, the animated short film The Story of Change urges viewers to put down their credit cards and start exercising their citizen muscles to build a more sustainable, just and fulfilling world. After watching, you may also take a short quiz to assess your Changemaker Personality type and participate in their newly launched Changemaker Challenge.


Bioneers ConferenceMoving Image Festival



Inspired by the work of HRH The Prince of Wales, Harmony looks at the root causes of the global problems we face and offers solutions. The film paints a picture of an awareness that is arising in people around the globe across boundaries of geography, race, religion and socio-economic status. Narrated by HRH The Prince of Wales, Harmony documents his work with an array of environmental leaders and activists, including previous Bioneers Conference presenters Janine Benyus and Jay Harman.


Bioneers Conference attendees are invited to join Jay Harman (PAX Scienific) and Louie Schwartzberg (Blacklight Films) for a post screening discussion.



Greetings, fellow Bioneers!
A message from Kenny Ausubel, Bioneers Co-Founder & CEOChasing the Zeitgeist: Behind the Conference Program


When people ask me what the Bioneers Conference is, I say it’s a natural anti-depressant. As someone all too well informed about the magnitude of the destruction and intractable predicaments our world uniquely faces today, I’m grateful I also have the privilege of a job that amounts to a kind of “star search” for the greatest social and scientific innovators of our time. When you’re immersed in the inspiration of BioneersWorld and constantly learning about breakthrough solutions for people and planet, it’s simply impossible not to have hope.


Like just about everyone else at the conference, I become color-saturated with the dazzling brilliance, heart, courage and astonishing effectiveness of these truly amazing people and their over-the-leading-edge projects…



“The Bioneers community has had significant impact on my work. Every time I go, I learn something, and invariably find a few gems.”

~Michael Pollan
Author, ‘The Omniinvore’s Dilemma

on attending Bioneers conferences


Did you know that in addition to the the options of attending the Bioneers Conference for 1, 2, or the full 3-days, you may also participate in one our new Workshop Intensives? We invite you learn more about each of these progressive workshops by following the links below:


Thursday, Oct. 18th
Co-Sponsored by the Thriving Resilient Communities Collaboratory and Threshold Foundation

Thursday, Oct. 18th

Traditional Ecological Knowledge: The Story of Salmon + a Native Salmon Roast

Co-presented by The Cultural Conservancy and Bioneers Indigeneity Program


Monday, Oct. 22nd

Co-Sponsored by Women Donors Network and Social Venture Network

Monday, Oct. 22nd

Permaculture, Poetry & Pizza: Self-Sufficiency and Celebration

Bioneers Progress
Discover the latest updates, information and events related to our innovative Bioneers Programs & Initiatives…  Moonrise Women’s Leadership

Inside Moonrise Cultivating Women’s Leadership Intensive Trainings

Each Cultivating Women’s Leadership Training blows my heart wide open, as I am struck by the vision, dynamism and beauty of strong women stepping more fully into their wholeness on behalf of our ailing world. As we take stands on behalf of what we love, in alliance with women from all walks of life, ages, disciplines and ethnicities, it seems the world bends to meet us. CONT’D >>

  Education for Action


Education for Action in Action at the Bioneers Conference

There’s no “summer break” for Bioneers’ Education for Action Program, where budding initiatives are in fast-paced development to serve our expanding educational community in deeper, more extensive capacities than ever before.


  Resilient Communities


Building Resilience From the Ground Up

Nature does not favor centralization. As climate change escalates and too-big-not-to-fail systems unravel, brilliant effective models of building local and regional resilience and economies are mushrooming. It’s time to create a national and globalocal network of resilient communities to build collective knowledge, transfer leading-edge models and tools, and catalyze collaborations.



  Restorative Food Systems

Working Like an Ecosystem

How do we train 100,000 new farmers and instill a larger land ethic modeled on nature’s wisdom? How can each of us apply these ecological design principles and practices in our own backyards and communities? Don’t miss the brilliant design science full-day Permaculture intensive at Bioneers 2012 with leading masters.




Indigeneity 2012:  The Story of Salmon

I am a member of the Chemehuevi Indian Tribe of California, raised in the heart of the Mojave Desert on our Indian Reservation along the shores of Havasu Lake, CA. My commitment and dedication to my people has afforded me tremendous opportunity to receive degrees in cultural anthropology and photography from Oklahoma State University and the Institute of American Indian Arts.



  Beaming Bioneers


Mapping the 2012 Beaming Bioneers Local Community Conferences

Can’t make it to the national Bioneers conference, or want to go local? Our Beaming Bioneers local partners bring home the inspiring Bioneers plenaries plus a treasure trove of live local solutions and leaders to build community resilience and restoration nationwide. Join local allies to activate your region for transformation.



The John Mohawk Bioneers Conference Scholarship Fund

Scholarships ensure Bioneers Conference participation of key youth leaders, students, educators, Indigenous leaders, emerging and established women leaders, and important elders of our communities. Scholarship recipients are from diverse and underserved communities – their participation in the conference is critical to ensuring that our movement for social and environmental change is representative of all members of the Bioneers community.



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