,BP Texas Lawsuit: Texas City Residents Sue Oil Company After 2010 Refinery Explosion

Jun 14, 2012 by

BRAVO!  This is very good news and an example of what you can do in your community to stop the corporate bamboozling and lies about the devastation their practices at making money are doing to harm the people in the areas where they are drilling for oil.  casey coates danson


TEXAS CITY, Texas (AP) — More than 50,000 Texas City residents have joined a class-action suit against BP PLC, alleging they got sick in 2010 from a 41-day emissions release from a refinery that was the scene of a deadly explosion.

Texas has also sued BP over the release, which occurred as the British oil giant was battling the catastrophic Gulf of Mexico spill. The Environmental Protection Agency is also investigating.

The Galveston Daily News reports (http://bit.ly/NADSYj ) that residents say they became ill from the release. BP maintains the emissions didn’t harm anyone.

Texas says BP emitted 500,000 pounds of chemicals, including carbon monoxide and benzene, during April and May in 2010.

BP recently reached a $50 million settlement with the EPA over the 2005 explosion that killed 15 people at the Texas City refinery.


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