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Dr.Edgar Mitchell –

File:Crop circles Swirl.jpg Scientific evidence suggests that many of the enormous patterns we call crop circles that appear each summer in farmers’ fields, look are the products of an unknown intelligence with the capacity to think, decide, design, and precisely place these elegant glyphs in the landscape. And, in another realm where current contact with extraterrestrials is in question, Apollo 14 astronaut and psychic researcher Edgar Mitchell states, “We have been visited on this planet and the UFO phenomenon is real.” The revelation of other intelligences interacting with us portends a paradigm shift of massive proportions.

If humanity were to accept that we are not the only intelligence in the universe, we would be forced to reassess our belief system and give up our arrogance. It could be knowledge that saves our world. How can we stretch our minds to accept that there are other intelligences that speak to us through puzzles and paradoxes, sacred geometries and stone formations? How can we deal with what apparently is communicating with us? At the same time, the possibility that humanity could make use of dormant psychic powers is a revolutionary one.

Dr. Edgar Mitchell interview (Day before Disclosure)

Crop Circles Research Foundation


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