Furniture to Philanthropy: Short Documentary Addressing Sustainability

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Adam Steel

Producer/Writer at Change For Balance Productions and Executive Director of the Gen Why Project

Posted: 06/21/2012 3:21 pm


ANEW (Full Film) from Change For Balance Productions on Vimeo.

Soon after meeting Rose Tourje and hearing her story, there there we knew it needed to be made into a documentary. We hit the ground running and began production immediately. Utilizing Rose?s network of non-pro?t and for pro?t businesses, purchase cialis we put together a 10-minute documentary that aims to positively change how waste is viewed in the Architecture, buy clinic Design and Building industries.

ANEW was founded by Rose seven years ago after she realized how much waste and lack of awareness about it there was in the architecture, building, design industries. She quit her high paying job and set out with a plan to change the way the industries and the public looked at surplus furniture, waste, and supporting charities. With a small staff of four, ANEW manages to keep over 1,000,000 lbs of furniture out of America?s land?lls every year, and has provided over 500 non-pro?t organizations furniture and supplies to support their endeavors.

Since our meeting less than six months ago, Rose?s non-pro?t, ANEW, and Change For Balance have partnered on a campaign to raise awareness about what is taking place, inspire others to join her Social Sustainability movement, and create a new environment of sustainability and community support. The documentary has led to two successful fundraising events at the Smog Shoppe in Los Angeles and the Orange County Museum of Art, where the ?lms were premiered. The ?lm was then screened at FIDM to future designers in Los Angeles followed by a talk by Rose about sustainability and the work ANEW does.

Just starting the ?lm festival circuit, the ?lm was Winner of the “ECO Award” at the Awareness Festival, was Awarded Best Editing, Best Visual Effects, and Award of Excellence at the LA Movie Awards, and was an of?cial selection at the Catalina Film Festival, and the FILManthropy Film Festival.

Most recently, ANEW and Change For Balance went to NEOCON in Chicago, the biggest interiors tradeshow of the year. There they made their rounds meeting with and interviewing leaders from businesses such as: Bentley Prince Street, Teknion, Kimball Of?ce, AIS, InstallNet, Knoll, as well as the US Green Building Council.

ANEW and Change For Balance have more intriguing projects on the horizon which will be announced shortly

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