Get a Sneak Peek of HWKN’s Giant Blue Smog-Eating Wendy Sculpture Before It Opens Next Week

Jun 26, 2012 by

Yuka Yonedaby , 06/25/12 inhabitat

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Are you as excited about seeing Wendy as we are? The 3,000 sq. ft. spiky-armed, smog-eating sculpture by HWKN is almost complete in the yard of MoMA PS1 and will be opening to the public next week. But if you’re impatient like us and want to see a sneak peek of Wendy now, click through to see our photo gallery of this fascinating installation which will feature a water canon, a pool, a DJ booth and an exhibition space when complete!

In addition to meeting the contest’s stipulations that the design provide shade, seating, and water as well as pay creative attention to sustainability, recycling, and material management, Wendy also promises to actually clean the air!

According to HWKN, the funky sculpture will be able to remove emissions equivalent to taking 260 cars off the road during the time it stays in the MoMA PS1 yard.


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