Homemade Cleaners, Lemon Deodorizers And Other Uses For Citrus Scraps

Jun 5, 2012 by


From Earth911’s Mary Mazzoni:

Whether you’re juicing them up for refreshing beverages, zesting them for tasty sauces or chopping them for bright summer salads, nothing goes better with warm weather than the tangy taste of citrus fruits. But what to do with all those leftover scraps? Sure, you can compost your citrus remnants. But if you live in the city, don’t have a compost pile or are just looking for something else to do with your scraps, you’ll be pleased to know that those tidbits of lemon, orange, lime and other citrus fruits have loads of useful applications around the house. From banishing mosquitoes to cleaning your kitchen, here are 10 household (re)uses for your citrus scraps.

List and captions courtesy of Earth911


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