“Mothership Cloud” Supercell Tornado In Texas

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These photos and video are amazing.  Climate change???

    1. 8 days ago
    2. Facebook user Chris Gullikson posted the above picture of a “mothership cloud” from a tornado on May 21, ed  2012 in Adrian, Tex. with Tempest Tours.
    3. 9 days ago
    4. Weather-Photos.NET posted this photo of a “monster supercell,” west of Vega, Tex.
    5. How did it happen?

    6. From the Amarillo, Tex. office of the National Weather Service:
      “The combination of an unstable air mass, a retreating frontal boundary, and an approaching upper-level disturbance ignited a round of severe thunderstorms across eastern New Mexico and the western Texas Panhandle.  One supercell thunderstorm develop over Oldham County, Texas and slowly drifted southward.  This storm produced a tornado 4 miles northwest of Adrian and hail up to the size of golfballs in Adrian. The tornado was rated EF-0 with winds estimated of 65 mph.  It was on the ground for 3 minutes with a path length of 1,000 yards.  The tornado was estimated to be 100 yards wide. The supercell thunderstorm eventually was overtaken by a line of storms moving out of eastern New Mexico.  A squall line of thunderstorms became well-established across the southwestern Texas Panhandle and moved to the southeast.  This line of storms quickly became a wind threat, and in fact, a 61-mph wind gust was recorded in downtown Amarillo.”

Tornado West of Amarillo 5-22-2012.wmv
9 days ago
  1. From the National Weather Service, a picture of “supercell facing west on I-40 west of Vega, TX. Courtesy of Jason Persoff”
  2. 8 days ago
  3. Tornadic Supercell — Adrian Texas — May 21, 2012
    10 days ago
  4. From the National Weather Service, a picture of the supercell “southeast of Adrian, [Tex.], looking northwest. Courtesy of Wesley Luginbyhl
  5. 8 days ago

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