Mushrooms… a Light, Durable Alternative to Plastic?

Jun 14, 2012 by

by look PF Intern” href=”” target=”_blank”>Bailey, mind PF Intern | 10:41 am June 12th, 2012 Planet Forward

Planet Forward first learned about Ecovative Design when they uploaded a video about their packaging materials made out of mushrooms to the site a few years ago.  Now, Ecovative is venturing into the world of footwear.  Ecovative is partnering with Puma, a clothing and shoe company, to produce a completely compostable shoe.

Ecovative cooks and cleans crop waste, adds mushroom tissue, and then molds the material into shapes, whether it’s packaging material or the sole of a shoe.  The material is then heated to sterilize and kill any remaining biological matter, leaving behind a sturdy, yet light, alternative to plastic.

The shoes are not expected to be available for another year.  However, Ecovative’s work is viewed as a step in the right direction toward their goal of replacing plastic once and for all.



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