Something’s (not very) fishy about the Atlantic Ocean [VIDEO]

Sep 19, 2012 by

By Grist staff


“There’s a strange phenomenon in the ocean this year, diagnosis ” says Angela Sanfilippo, case president of the Gloucester Fishermen’s Wives Association in Gloucester, find Mass. The water, usually cold, has been warm. Lobsters have molted weeks earlier than usual. Groundfish are scarce. And Gloucester Harbor is full of small squid, rarely seen there in normal years.

“This is a true natural disaster,” Sanfilippo says, “and it needs to be investigated.”

Slow Ride Stories Episode 17: Fish Stories from Albert Thrower on Vimeo.

Erik Fyfe and Albert Thrower are traveling across the Northeast by motorcycle, talking with a wide range of people about their perceptions of climate change and experiences with extreme weather. Their aim is to spark conversations about the changing climate and collect local stories about how it may impact everyday Americans. Find all of the Slow Ride Stories here.

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