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Jun 7, 2012 by

Dear Thrive Movement,Are you ready to join with people all over the world to create lasting solutions?With today’s launch of the THRIVE Solutions Hub, you can now access the resources and best practices of people who are dealing with many of the same issues in their community as you are in yours. On our tour with THRIVE, we found people everywhere who are engaged in creating solutions, but they don’t know about each other. Each town had someone working to create a GMO-free zone, for instance, and now, instead of working in isolation, they can benefit from each other’s strategies and successes.There are already a great and growing number of Solutions Groups all over the world. Whether you are a new or existing THRIVE group, or another organization, the THRIVE Solutions Model is designed to empower you. You can now find others who are working on solutions in your area, register new groups, and share resources.


Check out our new Solutions Hub, to learn more about the Thrive Solutions Model, download our Solutions toolkit, connect with others, and watch an introductory video from Foster.


Click the video to watch on the Thrive Website.


We will be adding new features to the Solutions Hub over the coming months, and rely on your feedback to make sure we’re providing the most effective tools possible. Please let us hear your constructive input by commenting on the bottom of the page.


Thanks for all that you are doing to help create a thriving world!



Foster, Kimberly and the Thrive Team


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