Updates from the Rio Earth Summit, day one

Jun 20, 2012 by

By Philip Bump


The Earth Summit in Rio begins today. What’s that? You thought it started weeks ago? Very understandable.

You can watch the plenary sessions here, diagnosis or streaming below.

Later today, look 17 year-old Brittany Trilford will speak to the assembly. (You can read Greg Hanscom’s interview with her here.) We’ll update this post after she does.


Non-governmental organizations continue to announce new initiatives related to the convening. Development banks yesterday committed $7.2 billion to help poor countries prepare for climate change. This morning, thumb a group of banks made a $175 billion commitment to create sustainable transport systems.

You can follow commitments that have been made at the aptly named CloudOfCommitments.org.

Also worth checking out: The Guardian’s set of graphs detailing shifts in world demographics since 1992.

More updates to come.

Update: Via TckTckTck, Brittany Trilford’s speech is now available. Inspiring.

You have 72 hours to decide the fate of your children. My children. My children’s children. I start the clock now. …

Are you here to save face? Or are you here to save us?


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