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Dear Casey,

It is time to activate a planetary wave of peace this year with the Summer of Peace 2012 – our most important program yet!

VOICES for PEACE — our LIVE opening festival in Oakland, CA — is less than two weeks away – June 22 – 23

Nationally acclaimed comedian Frank Olivier “Funny Frank” will now be the emcee for a rockin’ benefit concert on Friday night — all profits go to support the Urban Peace Movement.

And on Saturday, we’ll hold an all-day conference with keynote speakers Marianne Williamson, Barbara Marx Hubbard, James O’Dea–plus many other world-renowned peacebuilders. And, our very own Devaa Haley Mitchell will be performing her recent hits!

Get your tickets and more details here: http://summerofpeace.net/oakland-event/

This festival is all about creating inner AND outer peace–and celebrating how far we’ve already come.  The way I see it, this year is a potent activation point for planetary healing and we’ll build upon it to create a global movement for a culture of peace – the necessary foundation for building a new world.

Can we end war in our lifetimes?  I truly believe so.  And it begins in each of our hearts and minds.

Voices for Peace will be the most exciting in-person event we’ve had yet for The Shift Network – well worth traveling to meet your fellow Shifters and help us activate deep changes in 2012 and beyond.

If you’ve been excited by the Birth 2012 vision, this event also marks our entrance to the second “trimester” of global movement building and Barbara Marx Hubbard will be live at the event to illuminate next steps.

This is a first-of-its-kind conference where you’ll learn about pathways to peace that transcend national, ethnic, racial, religious, age and gender. You’ll also have the opportunity to explore themes such as Inner Peace; Forgiveness; Communicating Peace; Education; Urban Peace; Justice; Military, Politics and Healing Cultural Wounds.

Plus, for the Friday night benefit concert, you’ll hear from amazing performers including Maria Muldaur and Friends, Country Joe, the Vukani Mawethu Choir, Emmit Powell and the Gospel Elites and Earth Amplified.

Order your tickets for the VOICES for PEACE Festival here: http://summerofpeace.net/oakland-event/

And when you register for the full VOICES for PEACE conference, you will also receive one free copy each of Barbara Marx Hubbard’s latest book Birth 2012 and Beyond PLUS James O’Dea’s new book Cultivating Peace, which you can pick up onsite.

Because young people are SO essential to creating peace, justice and prosperity in the world, anyone 21 years old or younger is invited to attend the festival and conference for FREE.

If you’re more than 21 years old and your funds are limited at the moment, you can attend the festival at a reduced rate by becoming a Shift “Mobilizer” volunteer. Find out how to volunteer here.

This is going to be an amazing gathering of people who are committed to change the world joyfullly.  It will be your best opportunity to connect with truly beautiful, loving, committed Shift Network allies, as well as to celebrate, grow, and expand our positive impact in the world.

Your attendance is needed to make this growing movement even bigger and more impactful!

I look forward to seeing you there.

And even if you can’t join us personally, please do forward this email to your California friends and allies!

Stephen headshot Oct11 88x112.jpg In spirit,
Stephen Dinan

P.S. Make sure to let friends and family know about the VOICES for PEACE, the live opening festival and conference that will kick off the Summer of Peace 2012: http://summerofpeace.net/oakland-event/


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