Global Possibilities was formed in 1996 as an environmental non-profit dedicated to promoting solutions to our ecological/climate and energy crisis through education, media and the arts.

Buildings are responsible for almost half of all greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. Can a collaborative effort – government leaders, architects, nurse regulatory agencies and building suppliers – avert a climate crisis through policy change and education?   We can have the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time and money, if we begin with the built environment.

From our inception, we promoted the use of solar and renewable energy to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels – coal, oil and gas, through documentary film, national conferences, educational initiatives and public outreach in collaboration with architectural institutions, non-profits, energy experts, business leaders and government.

Because of the power of the internet and social networking, we have expanded our site to include daily information on solutions, and new developments to inspire people to take action and to create a place where you can get all the leading information of the day.  We are also fortunate to have an “Enviro Newsletter”  space on the Alternet.org site which will be found under their environment heading.  Please check our blog and all else on the site.   We welcome your comments.

The challenge is to disseminate this valuable information quickly and to counteract the endless promotion of our national addiction to fossil fuels.

I invite all who can to participate in the solutions rather than the problem.