Angels Unawares



                           Angels Unawares: Portraits of the Homeless in L.A.

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In this thought-provoking compilation of juxtaposed photographs, Casey Coates Danson, an environmental designer and activist for more than 30 years, unapologetically and masterfully captures the shocking contrast between the affluence of Los Angeles and the deprivation of Skid Row. Danson has combined her love for her home of Los Angeles, her passion for the environment and the world around us, and her deep compassion and curiosity concerning others, to produce this enlightening portrait of the city’s homeless and the severity of the issue.  Each of the 50 stunning photographs showcased in Angels Unawares: Portraits of the Homeless in L.A. will deeply move you to stop looking away and begin to address the issues of poverty and homelessness.

”As a native of Southern California, I have personally witnessed the crisis depicted in Angels Unawares: Portraits of the Homeless in L.A. In this book, Casey Coates Danson combines her talents as a photographer and her passion for social justice to create awareness and influence change. Her inspiring work lends voices and faces to the forgotten among us.”

–Ed Begley Jr., Actor, producer, activist

”The half a million homeless in the United States are more than statistics. They are collateral damage of a war economy that puts profits over people and planet. Angels Unawares: Portraits of the Homeless in L.A. humanizes our crisis with a powerful visualization of America’s inequality gap. Casey Coates Danson’s moving work reminds us that this oppressive war on the poor and marginalized is built on the evils of militarism, racism and materialism. We should heed her call to compassion and recognize that the only way to end homelessness and the war economy is by undergoing a revolution of values and creating a peace economy that enriches our humanity.”

–Jodie Evans, Cofounder of CODEPINK


Author – Casey Coates Danson


ANGELS UNAWARES  Casey Coates Danson