What’s It Like To Be A Climate...

Oct 13, 2020 by

What’s It Like To Be A Climate Scientist?

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Droughts That Start Over the O...

Oct 7, 2020 by

Droughts That Start Over the Ocean? They’re Often Worse Than Those That Form Over Land

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New Study Shows a Vicious Circ...

Sep 29, 2020 by

New Study Shows a Vicious Circle of Climate Change Building on Thickening Layers of Warm Ocean Water

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Video: Covid-19 Will Be Just &...

Aug 13, 2020 by

Video: Covid-19 Will Be Just ‘One of Many’ New Infectious Diseases Spilling Over From Animals to Humans

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Why low-end ‘climate sen...

Aug 12, 2020 by

Why low-end ‘climate sensitivity’ can now be ruled out

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The Worst-Case Scenario for Gl...

Aug 3, 2020 by

The Worst-Case Scenario for Global Warming Tracks Closely With Actual Emissions

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Saharan dust storm expected to...

Jun 26, 2020 by

Saharan dust storm expected to cause dangerous air pollution in U.S. this week

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A War Against Climate Science,...

Jun 15, 2020 by

A War Against Climate Science, Waged by Washington’s Rank and File

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Researcher: The fate of Greenl...

Jun 5, 2020 by

Researcher: The fate of Greenland’s ice sheet lies in human hands

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Video: In New York’s Empty Str...

Apr 17, 2020 by

Video: In New York’s Empty Streets, Lessons for Climate Change in the Response to Covid-19

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Unchecked Global Warming Could...

Apr 8, 2020 by

Unchecked Global Warming Could Collapse Whole Ecosystems, Maybe Within 10 Years

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Q&A: A Harvard Expert on ...

Mar 12, 2020 by

Q&A: A Harvard Expert on Environment and Health Discusses Possible Ties Between COVID and Climate

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Half the World’s Sandy Beaches...

Mar 3, 2020 by

Half the World’s Sandy Beaches May Disappear by Century’s End, Climate Study Says

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Trump Admin Manipulated Wildfi...

Jan 27, 2020 by

Respecting scientists has never been a priority for the Trump Administration. Now, a new investigation from The Guardian revealed that Department of the Interior political appointees sought to play up carbon emissions from California’s wildfires while hiding emissions from fossil fuels as a way to encourage more logging in the national forests controlled by the Interior department.

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Greenland’s Nearing a Climate ...

Dec 23, 2019 by

Past meltdowns occurred with temperatures only slightly higher than today’s, suggesting the world is overestimating the ice sheet’s stability, scientists say.

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Atmospheric Rivers Fuel Most W...

Dec 4, 2019 by

As global temperatures rise, studies show there may be fewer atmospheric rivers, but they’ll tend to be bigger and more intense.

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The New York Times Won’t...

Nov 21, 2019 by

When Sen. Bernie Sanders announced his $16.3 trillion climate plan, corporate media were quick to throw cold water on it, arguing that the Democratic presidential candidate’s plan was too expensive, and logistically and politically impossible (FAIR.org, 9/6/19).

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What’s Driving Antarctica̵...

Nov 12, 2019 by

Antarctica’s ice loss is on the rise. Along with warmer water eating away at ice shelves from below, atmospheric rivers are causing trouble from above.

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Meet the 3 Climate Scientists ...

Sep 30, 2019 by

Their research is helping answer existential questions of our time: How much will sea level rise, how fast, and what will be the impact on human civilizations?

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‘Trollbots’ Swarm ...

Sep 16, 2019 by

A new tool is tracking automated and otherwise questionable social media accounts as they sow disinformation, discord and division. Climate change is a target.

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How a Revolution in Climate Sc...

Sep 16, 2019 by

“The court room is a new frontier around addressing climate change.”

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USDA Buries Sweeping Plan Prio...

Aug 30, 2019 by

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) prevented the release of a plan for how the agency can effectively respond to the impacts of climate change, such as by reducing greenhouse gas emissions through practices like increasing carbon storage in crops and soils.

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What Does ’12 Years to A...

Aug 28, 2019 by

It doesn’t mean the world can wait until 2030 to cut greenhouse gas emissions, or that chaos will erupt in 2030. Here’s what the science shows.

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Top CDC Health and Climate Sci...

Aug 16, 2019 by

He’s one of several federal scientists working on climate change who say they have been silenced, sidelined or demoted under the Trump administration.

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Alaska Chokes on Wildfires as ...

Jul 11, 2019 by

Fires are spreading farther north, burning more intensely and starting earlier, in line with what scientists have warned would happen with climate change.

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Is Climate Change Inconvenient...

Jun 12, 2019 by

Accurate predictions of Earth’s warming require computers that are too expensive for one country or institution.

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In These U.S. Cities, Heat Wav...

Jun 6, 2019 by

Even half a degree warming matters. A new study shows how meeting the Paris climate agreement goals would make a difference in lives saved or lost.

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Scientists Track a Banned Clim...

May 27, 2019 by

The chemical, used in foams and cooling, was banned under the Montreal Protocol to protect the ozone layer. It’s also a potent short-lived climate pollutant.

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The Planet Has Seen Sudden War...

Dec 11, 2018 by

In some ways, the planet’s worst mass extinction — 250 million years ago, at the end of the Permian Period — may parallel climate change today.

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Students at every grade need t...

Dec 1, 2018 by

The National Climate Assessment, released the day after Thanksgiving, offers motivation and opportunity to bring climate topics into the classroom at every grade level.

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