E.P.A. Is Letting Cities Dump ...

Jan 24, 2020 by

The Environmental Protection Agency has made it easier for cities to keep dumping raw sewage into rivers by letting them delay or otherwise change federally imposed fixes to their sewer systems, according to interviews with local officials, water utilities and their lobbyists.

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Big Oil wants to dump more was...

Jan 22, 2020 by

For more than six months, twin brothers Ronald and Donald Schweitzer have watched large amounts of salty wastewater bubble up from the ground in their wheat field. The “saltwater purge” has killed three trees and several acres of crops on their northwest Oklahoma farm.

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The plan to protect the Chesap...

Jan 21, 2020 by

In early January, members of the Chesapeake Bay Commission sat in a gray conference room in Annapolis, Maryland, for a routine meeting.

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Ashes to Ashes

Jan 14, 2020 by

A Georgia town welcomed America’s largest coal plant. Now, residents worry it’s contaminating their water.

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The move is the latest Trump a...

Jan 13, 2020 by

EPA to ease rules on power plants storing deadly coal ash

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EPA Science Advisors Tear Into...

Jan 2, 2020 by

The EPA’s own Science Advisory Board (SAB)—two-thirds of which was appointed by the Trump administration—is the latest group of scientists to come out swinging against a proposal to restrict the use of science in agency decisions.

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How Has This Pesticide Not Bee...

Dec 18, 2019 by

Government scientists say chlorpyrifos is unsafe. And yet it’s still in use.

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Why (Some) Automakers Are Work...

Dec 2, 2019 by

The Los Angeles Auto Show is just wrapping up, but while my colleague Dave Reichmuth was there getting a sneak peek at what the next couple years have in store, California’s emissions regulators were absent for the first time in 50 years.

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60% of Toxic Superfund Sites T...

Nov 19, 2019 by

Hundreds of polluted sites face an increased risk of inundation from sea level rise, flooding exacerbated by global warming, or wildfires, Congress’s watchdog warns.

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E.P.A. Weakens Rules Governing...

Nov 4, 2019 by

The Trump administration on Monday moved to weaken an Obama-era regulation aimed at limiting the seepage of toxic pollution into water supplies from the ash of coal burning power plants, a change that coal industry leaders say could keep plants open longer and which environmental groups fear will increase the risk of water contamination.

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E.P.A. Set to Roll Back Rules ...

Oct 31, 2019 by

The Trump administration is expected to roll back an Obama-era regulation to limit dangerous heavy metals like arsenic, lead and mercury from coal-fired power plants, according to two people familiar with the plans.

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That 1970s scourge acid rain i...

Oct 28, 2019 by

Starting in the 1970s acid rain turned hundreds of lakes and streams in Adirondack Park in upstate New York so acidic that fish could not survive.

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Disbanded Air Pollution Panel ...

Oct 22, 2019 by

The Independent Particulate Matter Review Panel has released their consensus recommendations to the EPA administrator on the National Ambient Air Quality Standards for Particulate Matter.

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EPA Boss, a Former Koch Exec, ...

Oct 17, 2019 by

A former Koch Industries chemicals expert appointed by the Trump administration to run the Environmental Protection Agency’s research office participated in conversations about the safety of formaldehyde even though he said he would recuse himself due to his conflict of interest, Politico reports.

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A ‘Chilling Message’: Trump Cr...

Oct 3, 2019 by

President Trump’s political feud with California has spread collateral damage across more than a dozen other states, which have seen their regulatory authority curtailed and their autonomy threatened by a Trump administration intent on weakening the environmental statutes of the country’s most populous state.

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Killing California car polluti...

Oct 2, 2019 by

If you want to upend a half-century of legal tradition, you better have a damn-solid argument to justify your move. Especially if it’s a legal move so broad that it could nullify local speed limits.

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Trump to bar California from s...

Sep 17, 2019 by

The Trump administration will announce as early as Wednesday it is revoking California’s authority to set its own vehicle greenhouse gas standards and blocking states from setting tailpipe emission rules — a move that will spark a furious legal challenge, two auto industry officials said on Tuesday

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Trump Administration to Roll B...

Sep 12, 2019 by

The Trump administration on Thursday announced the repeal of a major Obama-era clean water regulation that had placed limits on polluting chemicals that could be used near streams, wetlands and other bodies of water.

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America is in the midst of a l...

Sep 9, 2019 by

Since the Flint drinking water crisis erupted five years ago, Americans have realized that many cities and towns struggle to ensure safe water.

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EPA publishes draft permit for...

Sep 3, 2019 by

Agency proposes to allow industrial ocean fish farm discharge of untreated fish waste and other toxins directly into Gulf of Mexico

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A Republican Firm Is Targeting...

Aug 21, 2019 by

America Rising has been filing records requests for the emails of agency officials who have supported Rep. Ilhan Omar, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and others.

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‘The next Flint,’ and America’...

Aug 19, 2019 by

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before: A U.S. city is facing a public health crisis, after years of denying that it had a problem with lead in its drinking water supply.

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We’ve got another ozone proble...

Aug 15, 2019 by

Most of us know ozone as that benevolent stratospheric layer that absorbs the sun’s harmful UV light and keeps us safe.

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States Sue Trump Administratio...

Aug 13, 2019 by

A coalition of 29 states and cities on Tuesday sued to block the Trump administration from easing restrictions on coal-burning power plants.

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EPA Stops Collecting Data on P...

Aug 7, 2019 by

EPA administrator Andrew Wheeler exempted farms from reporting hazardous air emissions from animal waste. Prior to this action, farms that emitted 100 pounds or more of ammonia or hydrogen sulfide per day into the air were required to report to local agencies.

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So Long and Thanks for all the...

Aug 2, 2019 by

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has once again washed its hands of its responsibility to protect the health and safety of our waterways.

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The environmental case for a T...

Jul 31, 2019 by

On July 1, 2019, the boards members of Friends of the Earth and Friends of the Earth Action passed a resolution calling on Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler to begin an impeachment inquiry on Donald Trump.

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EPA proposal scraps limits on ...

Jul 31, 2019 by

The Trump administration on Wednesday proposed scrapping restrictions on arsenic-laden waste from coal-fired power plants.

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‘Toxic Stew’ Stirred Up ...

Jul 16, 2019 by

New research shows that the extreme weather and fires of recent years, similar to the flooding that has struck Louisiana and the Midwest, may be making Americans sick in ways researchers are only beginning to understand.

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10 Ways Andrew Wheeler Has Dec...

Jul 15, 2019 by

On July 8, President Trump hosted a White House event to unabashedly tout his truly abysmal environmental record.

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