In a Dry State, Farmers Use Oi...

Sep 15, 2020 by

In a Dry State, Farmers Use Oil Wastewater to Irrigate Their Fields, but is it Safe?

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BP Pledges to Cut Oil and Gas ...

Aug 4, 2020 by

BP Pledges to Cut Oil and Gas Production 40 Percent by 2030, but Some Questions Remain

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Extinction Rebellion, Greenpea...

Jul 24, 2020 by

Extinction Rebellion, Greenpeace Campaign for a Breakup Between Big Tech and Big Oil

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Super-Polluting Methane Emissi...

Apr 23, 2020 by

Super-Polluting Methane Emissions Twice Federal Estimates in Permian Basin, Study Finds

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Exxon Accused of Pressuring Wi...

Aug 7, 2019 by

New York’s attorney general wants a judge to stop the oil giant from subpoenaing documents from investors, saying it would ‘discourage them from testifying’.

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Today’s Fossil Fuel Infr...

Jul 1, 2019 by

To stay within the Paris climate goals, coal and other fossil fuel-fired power plants would have to shut down early or be retrofitted for carbon capture.

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U.S. House Hacks Away at Renew...

Jul 30, 2017 by

[Translate] One area of energy funding the House spared as it voted on its ‘minibus’ budget bill was fossil fuel...

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