Greenland’s Hidden Secret

May 29, 2019 by

Greenland is the Key to Global Sea Level Rise

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Studies Warn of Increasing Sea...

Dec 21, 2018 by

Ice loss in the Antarctic has tripled in just the last decade alone, and is currently losing 219 billion metric tons of ice annually. That number is up from 73 billion metric tons per year as of a decade ago.

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Paradise Threatened: Fiji’s Wa...

Oct 24, 2018 by

The South Pacific nation faces major environmental challenges, from the destruction of coral reefs to rising sea levels. At least one resort is asking tourists to help.

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Congress Just Undid The 1 Good...

Mar 19, 2014 by

The House voted on March 4 to repeal…

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Jan 14, 2014 by

The little white shack at the water’s edge…

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Five Feet High and Rising

Jun 27, 2012 by

[Translate] Jun 26, health 201 David Roberts of Grist takes on the latest news about sea-level rise (spoiler alert: it’s not cheery)...

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North Carolina Legislature Pre...

Jun 6, 2012 by

[Translate] Richard Schiffman Journalist Once upon a time, the great King Canute, strolling on a beach with his courtiers, ordered...

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