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by Charles Ornstein

ProPublica and The Virginian-Pilot are exploring the ways children of Vietnam veterans may be affected by a parent’s exposure to Agent Orange.

The Department of Veterans Affairs acknowledges that direct exposure to Agent Orange and other defoliants may lead to negative health consequences for veterans. Some veterans’ service organizations, including the Vietnam Veterans of America, have expressed concern that exposure has also led to health issues in the children of veterans.

Are you a veteran of the Vietnam War era? We’re interested in talking to all veterans who served in Vietnam and the wider Western Pacific area during that time, including those stationed in Korea. You can help us learn more about this issue by completing the short survey below, which includes questions about your service, family and health. Please answer as completely as you can. Your personal information will not be shared with others without your permission, but reporters plan to aggregate statistical information and publish an overview about the results of the survey, without identifying specific individuals.

Are you the child of a veteran? Please complete our survey for children of vets here.

If you are the family member of a veteran, please complete our survey for family members here. The more veterans we hear from, the better we can understand this issue. We hope you’ll consider responding or sharing this survey with other veterans. Thank you!

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A NOTE ABOUT OUR COMMITMENT TO YOUR PRIVACY: We appreciate you sharing your story and we take your privacy seriously. ProPublica and the Virginian-Pilot are gathering these stories for the purposes of our reporting, and will not share your information with third-parties—including government agencies—without your express permission. In the questionnaire, we ask if we may share your information with our reporting network; we will only do so with your permission. If we would like to include you in an article, we will also contact you in advance.

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Your service

Example: 23rd Infantry Division; USS Chicago (CA-136)

Example: Rifle Infantryman or Flight Engineer

Please list ONLY numbers and full year 19XX

Please list ONLY numbers and full year 19XX
In what country(ies) did you serve?

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Did you handle any defoliants, either in the U.S. or Vietnam?

Do you believe you were exposed to Agent Orange?

Your health & family

What is your gender

How would you rate your overall health today?

1 = very unhealthy
10 = very healthy
Do you have any of the following health issues?

Select all that apply
Which of these health issues has been diagnosed by a doctor?

Select all that apply
Do you believe your health problems, if any, are related to Agent Orange exposure?

Do you receive benefits from the VA?

Are any VA benefits connected to exposure to Agent Orange?

Do you have children?

Do you have a family history of these health problems?

Have you raised any concerns involving Agent Orange exposure to lawmakers or anyone?

After Vietnam

For example: Teacher, truck driver, pilot, unemployed, disabled
What is your current employment status?

Pictures to share

If you have any pictures to share of your time in Vietnam, or home with your family, please upload them here.

Upload another picture

Upload another picture

If you cannot upload images, you can email them to:
GetInvolved@propublica.orgOr mail them to:
Attn: Terry Parris Jr.
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