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So many of our campaigns — from animal welfare to climate change to food waste to GMOs to water pollution — require companies to act responsibly. We’re looking to build a list of key corporate contacts in the food industry — can you help us out by identifying people and companies we should know?​

Even though diet is a personal choice, corporations have a lot of influence over what you’re putting into your body. They decide the ingredients, the sourcing, the packaging, and the marketing. They donate to politicians then lobby them once in office.

In order to fulfill our vision of a just and sustainable food system, we must ensure that food companies are good corporate citizens. And the best way to do that has been to apply consumer pressure.

We’re planning a campaign to update food labeling standards, and we want to drive change across the food industry — but that means contacting a lot of companies. So we’re turning to people like you to help us create a contact list for every major food retailer (think grocery store chains) and manufacturer (food brands like General Mills) in the country.

Can you help? We’ve got our list at sc.org/foodcompanies — you can add to it by filling out the form at sc.org/addfoodcompany.​

Help us find contact info for every major company

This contact list will help us target many of our campaigns going forward to reduce the environmental impact of our food. A similar crowdsourced project we are running has collected over 3,000(!) school lunch shaming policies — proof that, together, our actions quickly add up.

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