13 Uses for WD-40 You Probably Didn’t Know About

May 4, 2015 by

WD-40 is best known for de-squeaking doors, smelling a little funny and taking up space on that shelf next to your toolbox. But that little blue can is capable of a lot more!

Turns out your WD-40 can replace your Goo Gone, your leather polish and your bug repellant. Who knew? And the fun doesn’t stop there.

Here are 13 new uses for WD-40:

Tip: Before you use WD-40 on an expensive or sensitive material, test it on a small, out-of-sight spot.

1. Remove Stickers & Duct Tape

If you don’t have any Goo Gone lying around (and picking price tags off items with your finger gives you the heebie-jeebies), spray some WD-40 on that sucker! Let it sit for a minute or two and use a rag to remove the sticker or duct tape.

2. Clean off Chewing Gum

You can get gum out of anything – shoes, carpet, hair (it happens) – with some WD-40. Spray some magic sauce on and slide the gum right off.

3. Mildew-Proof Your Garden

Apply WD-40 to any mildew-prone areas like fountains or waterfalls. This will prevent anything from growing on the surface.

4. Remove Makeup

From your bathroom tiles, not your face! Spray WD-40 on makeup stained tiles or ceramic to make your bathroom look like new.

5. Repel Bugs

Spray WD-40 around your potted plants to keep snails and other non-flying bugs away.

6. Clean Your Grill

Don’t forget to give your grill a good clean before you take it out again this summer! WD-Dopeness will clean up those charcoal stains and nasty grill-gunk in no time.

7. Maintain Chalk Lines

Spray your chalk lines on the driveway (or anywhere) with some o’ that WD and they become immune to the elements (for a while). WD-40 is waterproof so it works as a shield.

8. Clean Crayon Stains

Crayola specifically recommends using WD-40 as a crayon-stain remover from wood and wallpaper. They’d know best, right?

9. Clean Leather

You can use the WD-Wonderful to remove coffee and ink stains from leather!

10. Shoveling Like a Boss

Apply WD-40 to a shovel before you go for that dirt or snow and bask in the glory of how much easier it is to dig into a pile.

11. Clean Your Whiteboards

Running low on those foam eraser things? Just grab WD-40 to clean your white board!

12. Remove Lipstick from Clothing

Even if the clothing has been washed, you can still use WD-40 on a lipstick stain. Just apply and spot-clean the area until clear!

13. Remove Road Tar from Tires Vehicle

WD-40 will keep your vehicle’s tires lookin’ sharp, no matter how nasty they are. Remove black tar and road grime from vehicles when you’re washing at home.

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