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If your 9 to 5 job is draining you of all your creativity and not helping you fulfill your personal goals of helping better the environment, now is the time to find an alternative career. There are plenty of options that can offer you a more flexible schedule as well as an outlet for your personal passions. Here are just a few:

Start an Eco-friendly Concierge Service

Remember how overwhelming it was when you first made the switch to environmentally responsible products? There are so many ingredients to keep track of and harmful materials to look for and worry about that it can be a long process to research and buy anything, whether its home cleaning products and clothes or a new couch and a mattress.

By starting a concierge service with a eco-conscious focus, you can help clients narrow down the numerous options and find the best items to suit their lifestyle, budget and health. Eco concierges offer a wide variety of services from general lifestyle consulting and home organization to even booking eco-minded vacations and relocation services.

Make Your Own Hours with Direct Sales

If starting your own business from the ground up sounds too intimidating, dip your toe in the entrepreneurial pool by running your own business through an established direct sales company. Choose one with a strong eco-friendly legacy, like Amway, that offers an assortment of exclusive products that are made from environmentally safe ingredients. For instance, Amway has a full range of cleaning products, called Legacy of Clean, that are biodegradable and formulated without chlorine, phosphates and other harsh ingredients. By choosing to start a direct sales business with a reputable company that sells high-quality products, you can glean valuable experience with the utmost confidence in what you are selling.

Open a Green Cleaning Business

Busy families around the country are constantly looking for reliable cleaning help. While there are numerous options for maid services, there is a significant demand in the niche market of green cleaning services. Clients want to be able to have their homes clean without making the sacrifice of being exposed to toxic chemicals and the odors and residue that they leave behind. Many people assume that green cleaning services are not as affordable as traditional maid services, which is why there is a real need for a budget-friendly solution.

To save money on your end, you can make a lot of your own cleaning solutions, using natural essential oils and inexpensive non-toxic ingredients like white vinegar. Instead of doing all of the work on your own, to preserve your own flexibility and devote more time to attracting new business, hire moms and college students looking to make some extra money.

Become a Nutrition Consultant

The greatest preventative medicine is taking care of your body with diet and exercise. Many people find it easier to adjust their workout habits than they do their dietary habits, which can make it difficult to see the results they are looking for. As a nutrition consultant, you can enjoy flexible hours while teaching people about a topic that you are passionate about, with the added bonus of helping them achieve their health goals.

Teach clients about the benefits of organic and local produce. Help them understand what items they should only buy organic and what ones aren’t as harmful if they are conventionally farmed. Instruct your clients on how to create balanced meal plans and how to prepare simple meals that are just as delicious as they are good for you. You could even offer meal delivery as an additional service if you love to craft recipes and prepare food.

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  1. ayla

    These 5 jobs have to be the stupidest, most unrealistic suggestions I have ever heard. Talk about false media. How about jobs that you can actually get paid for doing? You work and get paid money in return for the work u do. One 9 to 5 real career is ALOT better than 3 or 4 pathetic little side jobs. Trying to piece together a liveable salary from 1 min wage job, 1 off the books and one as an Uber driver with no benefits or retirement plans is not flexible it’s pitiful.Btw being unemployed gives you alot of flexibility and time to be creative as well doesn’t mean it’s a good thing.

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