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The Ergotron Hub cabinet/desk is a slick little piece of furniture if you’re looking for an attractive, lightweight workstation. It comes in two varieties with two sizes: the Hub27 measures 27.3″ w × 20.3″ h and the Hub24 measures 24.8″ w × 16.5″ h. Both units are only 3” deep when closed, so they barely stick out of the wall. 3” is plenty to stow a laptop, phone, tablet, essential stationary and a few pieces of paper (which is all you really want anyway, am I right?).


The glass desktop, when closed, is lockable and doubles as a dry erase board. It is rated to hold 25 lbs, but a Ergotron rep told me, unofficially, that this is very conservative and that it can accommodate up to 100 lbs, though I wouldn’t want to try it, nor could I see a possible reason to load it with so much weight. The desk height can also be vertically adjusted several inches to accommodate different user-heights. Depending on where it’s mounted, the Hubs can serve as a sitting or standing desk.


What’s coolest to me about the Hubs are they are responding to the changing nature of how people use desks. Most of today’s desks are designed around filing cabinets, stationery storage, printers and CPUs with monitors. While many people still use these things, more and more people (like me) only need a place to use and store our laptops and a few documents. For us, a minimal desk like the Hub is pretty perfect.

The Hub27 retails for $350 and has a heavy duty steel frame. The Hub24 is $200 and features a high quality plastic frame. Go to Ergotron Home’s website for more info.

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