A HEARTFELT Letter From An MD (Medical Doctor)

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FYI, a note from my colleague Dafna regarding an urgent need to speak out against SB649, legislation that will permit TELECOM to put mobile antennas anywhere they want, including using power line wires as antennas.
That microwaves only cause heating effects is the biggest lie of the century. Allowing TELECOM to increase RF power densities will hurt all of us.
Please read this letter and submit a complaint per the instructions ASAP.  And please share this note with everyone that is dear to you.
Thank you,  Michael
email request to fill out a Complaint to CA Attorney General & Governor regarding the violation of regarding SB649 I was cc’d to a heartfelt letter from a wonderful MD (and person) asking people to fill out the Complaint. I thought the letter is worth sharing. The letter is following:


Dear everyone I have emails for in California


I beg you to heed this plea from my dear friend, Dafna. She is an Israeli and New York Lawyer who has taken this issue—regulation of wireless technologies— to the Supreme Court in Israel.


She and Kevin will move this issue to the forefront of all environmental issues we are facing in these times. If this issue is not addressed in a timely manner, nothing else matters.


I know all of us feel our own priorities—global climate disruption, Corporate control of everything without accountability, voter suppression, racism and human rights, any many more—not even to mention our individual economic survival in this oppressive economy. But we must treat this issue as the “Please put on your own oxygen mask first” one.


Go to “We are the Evidence” if you are not versed in the issue—as many of us are not. because the industry has purposely “created doubt” about harm and obscured the issues for decades. (This is parallel to the tactics of the tobacco industry to delay any scrutiny for sixty years before simple regulations could be imposed.)


This has been a deliberate tactic by an even more powerful, and more insidiously harmful industry than BigTobacco. Author of “The Invisible Rainbow”, the definitive book on EMF and the history thereof, Authur Firstenberg, states that we are are risk of sterilization of all life forms on this planet.


So, I am putting my credibility on the line for all of you in order to make this urgent plea. I urge you to spread this to any California contacts, especially. Later, and presently, Kevin and Dafna are also working across the nation, but California is a lynchpin state.


With great hope, that we will do this together,

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