The Global Military Program You Haven’t Heard About

Sep 16, 2018 by

Hi All,
I saw this woman/phenomenon speak at the Peace Center a few months back and she was truly AMAZING–a prolific amount of knowledge about scientific programs going on with the government (the REAL deep state, which started long before the Donald, and it’s probably not even on his radar)–anyway, she was amazingly illuminating, a brilliant scientist who puts very sophisticated things going on, into understandable form. And if you can’t understand it the first time around (it’s ALOT to “bite off”, she has a great book at  a very reasonable price given it’s a simplified (though not simple ) textbook–
 And for the closet naysayers that I’ve sent this too but don’t realize you may think this is “hooey”
1) just look up in the blue sky on days there are blue skies, and look at those “funny white stripes” that just don’t go away, like the other “contrails” from jets….I”ve counted up to 7 on several days
remember this great quote from Gary Webb, the wonderful writer who broke the story on the Contras and the CIA and Cocaine in Los Angeles: in a scene in “Kill the Messenger”, about his life, when  a gaggle of reporters was running after him in the heyday of his fame, , one shouted out, ” Hey, Mr. Webb, Mr. Webb, it t TRUE you believe in CONSPRACY THEORIES???”
to which he turned around and said:
“I don’t believe in Conspiracy THEORIES; I believe in CONSPIRACIES.”
RIP and go see this woman talk–it will be a very sound 1 hr investment! (and is free but donations accepted–open up the attachment flyer–in Topanga Canyon at 6p
Dr. Ruth

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