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Tomorrow morning, the U.S. Senate is holding a hearing about the Clean Water Rule. Unfortunately we don’t expect this hearing to be about investing time or money to meet the original promise of the Clean Water Act — that all water in the United States be fishable, swimmable and drinkable.

Opponents of the Clean Water Rule have been working to stop it for years — arguing that we should prioritize commerce over clean water. Your senator is on the environment committee, which is holding this hearing.

Call your senator now to say we should do more to protect and clean up our water — not less.

The Clean Water Rule restored protections for 2 million miles of streams and thousands of wetlands across the country. The streams alone help provide drinking water to one in every three Americans.1

But polluters and their allies have been trying to dismantle the rule since day one.

We can’t back down, not when protections for waterways that provide drinking water to 117 million Americans are on the line.2 That’s why we need to make sure our champions — like your senator — show up at tomorrow’s hearing and stand strong against these attacks.

Help us stop the latest attacks on our drinking water. Call your senator now.

Thank you,

Anna Aurilio
Environment America Federal Legislative Director

1. “Clean Water Rule: Streams and Wetlands Matter,” EPA, February 9, 2017.
2. Ibid.

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