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eduardo camarena proposes a connected vertical city for são paulo



for his final masters thesis project, hospital online architect eduardo camarena has proposed a vertical city located in downtown são paulo. the project comprises a group of vertically distributed public spaces combined with a pay-per-hour capsule hotel. the building floats over a further public area that expands and creates new pedestrian connections between the three sides of the city – previously separated by highways.



video courtesy ofeduardocamarena 



stacked internal volumes intersect or overlap, salve creating different relationships between the public programs, buy and contrasting the domestic scale of the hotel rooms. on some floors the separation consists of a simple curtain that every visitor can cross, while on others this partition is a movie screen, or simply nothing at all. the dual nature of the program provides space for both silence and contemplation in juxtaposition to the effervescent activity occurring simultaneously. consequently, the vertical city creates a new relationship between isolation and inclusion in são paulo.

public gardens under the top dome

experience of são paulo at night through a capsule



the public park surrounding the tower connects the different sides of the city separated by the highways

main section displaying the variety of public spaces in contrast to the private capsule hotel

section through the twisting shape of the building

cinemas stacked one over another over huge exhibition spaces

contrast in scale between the auditorium and the spaces from the hotel

double capsules are set in the last levels next to the offices

link between the habitable skin and the steel structure from the tower

3D printed prototype of one of the capsules

conceptual drawings of the design process



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