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Noam Chomsky: ‘World Is Laughing At Claims Russia Hacked Election’

 by Baxter Dmitry in NewsUS

The rest of the world is “collapsing in laughter” at the Democratic Party’s attempt to blame “Russian hacking” for Hillary Clinton’s election loss, according to Noam Chomsky.
Only the most naive liberal could possibly believe the DNC’s talking point at this stage, Chomsky argues, as almost four months have passed since the losing Clinton campaign first made the claim – and since then absolutely no evidence has been produced.
Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence,” as Carl Sagan said.
But despite the lack of any evidence at all, mainstream media has run with the Democratic Party issued propaganda, giving “analysts” like John Podesta, now employed by the Washington Post as a columnist, a free pass to toss around lies and slander, without even threatening to produce any evidence.
It’s all hot air and bluster from the Democrats at the moment and even leftwing figures like Noam Chomsky are calling them out on their lies.
Speaking at the University of Arizona, before a public audience, Professor Chomsky responded to a question about the mainstream media’s role in reporting on the “Russian hacking”.
Most of the world is just collapsing in laughter. Suppose all the charges are true, I mean every single one, it is so amateurish by US standards that you can hardly even laugh.
Chomsky points out that the rest of the world know the United States would never let itself be “hacked” by a foreign country. Why? Because hacking foreign countries is what the United States does best. Nobody hacks the master hacker.
The first 9/11, it happened on September 11, 1973, in Chile,” Chomsky said, referring to the CIA-backed coup that overthrew Chile’s president Salvador Allende. “We did it. Was that interfering or hacking a party? This record is all over the world, constantly overthrowing governments, invading, forcing people to follow what we call democracy, as in the cases I mentioned.”
“As I say, if every (Russian hacking) charge is accurate, it’s a joke, and I’m sure half the world is collapsing in laughter about this, because people outside the United States know it. You don’t have to tell people in Chile about the first 9/11.

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