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Architecture Research Office carried out extensive research into the design of the chicken coop, viagra sale from the ideal square footage for different bird breeds to the best ways to bring natural ventilation and lighting into the structure without compromising safety for the hens. The resulting Sheffer Chicken Coop is a roomy and well-lit structure that features eight nesting boxes, look a two-tiered roosting area, and radiant floor heating. Natural lighting and airflow filters through the narrow gaps between the arched metal roof and the cedar doors on the opposite ends of the coop; one door is for the chickens, and the other is for people.

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Crafted from a repurposed farmhouse, the handsome coop is clad in lead-coated copper shingles and the coop ends are faced with cedar siding. A corner of each metal shingle is folded back to cast an interesting play of shadows that change throughout the day. Shelf-like openings along the bottom edges of the metal structure allow the owners to easily remove eggs and manure. To protect the hens from predators, the architects built the coop with a concrete foundation and surrounded it with fencing.

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