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Climate change is a topic that concerns everyone, and for us to combat it and save our beloved planet, more people have to embrace a career in climate science education. 

Over the years, the excessive use of fossil fuels and carbon-rich types of machinery have caused irreparable damage to our planet. It has led to the melting of the glazier, and slow, but harmful depletion of the ozone layer, among other adverse effects. If things are left to continue this way, then planet earth might become uninhabitable.

Thankfully, many have recognized the danger that fossil fuels pose to our collective existence, and desire to protect it from further harm. This desire to protect the earth and its climate gave birth to climate science education.

What is Climate Science Education?

Climate science education is the innovative teaching of ways to protect the earth’s climate by embracing a carbon-free method of life, and a clean energy economy. It aims to educate everyone from a young age to adulthood on the dangers of fossil fuels and get them to embrace renewable energy.

With climate science education, everyone understands that they have a role to play in ensuring we preserve our environment, and embrace sustainable development objectives. For this to happen, the world needs people with accurate and adequate knowledge of clean energy policies, skills, and training to pass on their knowledge train from generation to generation. 

This training has to be modern and standardized, and where tools are required, it should be those powered with clean and renewable energy. Climate science education should be formal and fair, and it should be inclusive, without gender bias or racism. The latter is because everyone has a collective responsibility to combat climate change. 

Climate science education should equally be fact-based; data convinces people more than word of mouth. It should cover from elementary school students to high schoolers, all the way up to college. 

Now, with so much to do, and a lot to pass on, and the urgency with which the world’s population needs to learn about the dangers of climate change, there are a lot of lucrative career opportunities under climate change education, and the renewable energy field. The sky is the starting point, and the choices are endless.

Finding Your Ideal Job: Statistics

In case you are wondering what jobs could exist in the sphere of climate change education, the answer is “a lot.” As mentioned earlier, more people are joining the quest for more carbon-free earth and pushing for sustainable development ideas and inventions. 

For the good of the cause, more and more jobs are popping up daily in different areas of the renewable energy field. Statistics have shown that the carbon-free economy is bound to grow exponentially in the coming years, there’ll be enough jobs for you, and everyone else interested in spreading the gospel of climate science education.

In the United States of America, about 110 000 jobs got created in the renewable energy field, in 2018. It brought the total number of available jobs in the sector to 3.26 million. Still unconvinced, let’s look at more statistics. Out of that number, if your interest lies in energy sufficiency, there are about 2.3 million positions.

If you’re thinking about the renewable energy sector, where solar panels have become the choice to the dangers posed by electricity, there are 508,484 jobs available. If those two don’t work for you, and your ideal position lies in grid modernization and clean storage, there are 138,946 positions. 

You equally have the option of 334,992 jobs in the solar energy sector, clean vehicles have about 253,599 positions, and for wind energy 111,166 positions. There are also teaching jobs available where you get to educate young people and adults alike about the benefits of sustainable development practices. 

The option of becoming an environmental scientist, travelling the world, and collecting data on the effects of climate change, and how to combat it, is equally a viable career option. The vital thing to note is that you can find your ideal job in the sphere of climate science education as long as you are committed to, and passionate about preserving the planet.

Note that the three key industries in climate science education are wind energy, solar power, and energy efficiency, and they are all lucrative to work in. 

What Your Ideal Job Delivers to You

The number one benefit you get when you find your ideal job in climate science education is helping to make the world more carbon-free and less polluted. You get the satisfaction of knowing that your work is helping educate and spread the message on the ills of corrupt environmental practices, and you’re a part of the solution, not the problem.

Since monetary compensation is required to keep on the fight for the salvation of mother earth, you earn a higher income, higher than what most average employees outside the renewable energy field earns. Note that to get your ideal job in the sphere of climate science education, you must be a certified environmental scientist, engineer, or have a degree in vocational studies related to climate science education.

The tide is turning in favor of sustainable development practices, and with a hunger for climate-based education products and services, it’s time to start sending out your resumes, in search of that dream job that’s waiting for you to claim it.

Author’s Bio: Cheryl Hearts is a passionate journalist from Boston, Massachusetts. She decided to dedicate her life to writing because she thinks this way she can be the most useful for the community. After obtaining a Master’s degree in Journalism, Cheryl started running her own blog where she’s covering topics of great interest to society.

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