Former Grain Silo Converted to Bitchin Tiny House

Mar 27, 2015 by

Add this one to tiny houses in strange structures. Yesterday, sovaldi it was a tiny guest house in a 100 year old former laundry boiler room. Today, it’s a former grain silo. Whereas yesterday’s space was native to its location, today’s little digs actually journeyed from Kansas to downtown Phoenix, having been purchased online by architect and silo-dweller Christoph Kaiser.

The overall footprint of the building is only 230 sq ft, but it has 340 sq ft of usable floor space. Like yesterday’s space, there’s a heavy dose of custom walnut and steel keeping things clean and modern.

Kaiser said a central design challenge was to make the place feel like a home, despite its round shape and compact proportions that don’t exactly scream home. In meeting that challenge, virtually all of the furnishings follow the contours of the round shell and the circular theme pervades the project–from its crescent shaped sofa, round table, extending all the way to the circular fence surrounding the property.

We’re not entirely sure what Kaiser’s motivation was to use the silo structure was, but given the unusual choice, the place looks remarkably good and seems quite livable.

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    Bucky fuller went into one in 30’s, pal thought he’d died of heat, but

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