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The Guardian is spending the eve of Donald Trump’s inauguration talking to people whose lives have been changed by the climate change he questions
A man wearing a Donald Trump mask protests outside the US embassy in London.
A man wearing a Donald Trump mask protests outside the US embassy in London. Photograph: Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty Images

Mark Rice-Oxley

Tomorrow, America will inaugurate a president who is openly skeptical of the almost unanimous scientific view that human activity is contributing to global warming.

So today the Guardian is conducting a major digital event to concentrate minds at this pivotal moment: 24 hours of live, uninterrupted coverage of the issue from around the world. Films, data, experts, writing, graphics, the lot.

We’ll be hearing from people who can actually see climate change happening before their very eyes, flooding into their lives through their front door, or drying up the land they rely on for sustenance.

We are speaking to the visionaries who have solutions and tell us “don’t give up – it’s not game over just yet”. And we’ll be asking what comes next, whether Donald Trump can or indeed will pick apart the 25-year movement to get governments working together to head off environmental disaster.

It’ll be a bit rough and ready, I reckon, a cross between a telethon and a disaster movie. I really hope you’ll join us and let us know what you think.

Mark Rice-Oxley

Head of special projects, The Guardian

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