Help Battle Cell Towers installation – and yes they cause EMF!!!

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A Free Online Source using a searchable database of over 1.9 million cell phone tower and antenna locations from the fcc & the faa. It also includes google maps and detailed information such as the Ownership Details, Contact Information and more. Pinpoint Existing Towers, Future Towers and even small hidden antennas to determine cell phone coverage.
Street Address City State Zip (Optional)
– All Towers (Existing and Future) and Antennas within 4 miles of your address will be returned –
( Database Last updated on: 1/14/2018 – 2,589,506 Towers and Antennas Online! )
– Quick Statistics (as of Sunday 1/14/2018 Weekly Update) –

Total(US) Top State
Towers 666,418 Texas (65,142)
Antennas 1,923,088 California (140,627)

(3,267 Towers and 4,748 Antennas added on 1/14/18 update)

Existing Towers: Registered and Non-Registered structures where antennas are placed. Towers may be used for various services including Cellular, Paging, Microwave and others.
Future Towers: Newly filed (or pending) applications to construct new towers. Application info includes location coordinates and detailed ownership data.
Antennas: The actual emitters of radio signals. Antennas can be placed on towers (multiple) or can be installed stand alone on top of existing buildings. Stand alone antennas are small (well below 200 ft). You may also check multiple antennas to determine which cell phone carriers are located on a particular tower.

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