“His life has been altered forever” – De Niro Finally Opens Up About His Son’s Autism Link to Vaccines

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Last year actor Robert De Niro started appearing on television not because of his movies, but to speak about the vaccine-autism debate.

It all started when Tribeca Film Festival, which De Niro helped to co-found, received a backlash for wanting to screen the movie VAXXED.  Directed by Andrew Wakefield, the film discusses the potential link between vaccines and autism. Because of a fear of losing festival’s sponsors, the movie was pulled from the lineup.

De Niro urged people to find the movie, watch it, and make their own conclusions. He also spoke about his son being autistic, and that he wanted to know the truth if vaccines had anything to do with it.

Almost a year later, he has finally opened up about it.

When a NBC 10 Philadelphia news host recently asked him: “Do you believe that your son’s autism is linked to the vaccination?”

De Niro confirmed, “I believe so, yes.”

Both De Niro and clean vaccine activist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. spoke to the station on about the reason of their involvement with the issues, and the World Mercury Project (launched by RFK Jr.).

De Niro explained that his involvement is due his family being affected by his son’s vaccine injury:

“I have been affected personally, my son has autism. I love my child more than anything, I wouldn’t change him. But…his life has been altered forever.”

RFK Jr. has been speaking out about the vaccine-autism issue as early as 2005, and his main concern is the negative effect of the vaccine preservative thimerosal (50% mercury) on the health of children.

“We have an epidemic of childhood injuries and diseases in this country that I think the signs are very clear, it’s related to the mercury in vaccines,” he told NBC 10.

He and De Niro recently spoke to Washington D.C. journalists at a news conference. Both are calling out the media to stop ignoring and silencing the issue.

“If you are a scientist, let’s see it, let’s hear it. Everybody doesn’t seem to want to hear much about it. It’s shutdown. And you guys [speaking to news casters] are the ones that  should be investigating,” said De Niro on a Today Show.

RFK Jr. was also asked by President Trump to lead a study on vaccine safety, and the two have met to talk about this issue.

 “[President Trump] said he had a lot of friends who have been affected, whose children had gotten autism from the vaccines and changed after getting the vaccines. He said he is not ready to dismiss [the vaccine-autism link]… The CDC says ‘there is nothing to this’ but he was skeptical of that,” RFK Jr. said.

De Niro has a similar concern about vaccinations as Trump:

As he previously told TODAY’s morning show: “There is a lot of information about things that are happening with the CDC, the pharmaceutical companies; there are a lot of things that are not said. I, as a parent of a child who has autism, am concerned. And I want to know the truth.” 

Watch the recent NBC 10 news segment:

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  1. Kasnar

    From reading various sources — despite what might be the official most touted story — I do think there’s some link between vaccines and autism but I don’t think it’s the sole factor. I believe there’s a confluence of factors: lifestyle, foods, environmental exposures, etc. that have been contributing to the increasing incidence of autism.

  2. So easy to hide behind those rich green bushes. I, too agree that most diseases are caused by new, so-called technology. Although, the majority do not want to hear, they love their SUV’s and cell phones and are aware that shaking the tree my take these things away.

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