I thought we got Rid of Coal Mining and Now another Major Crisis looms ahead.

Oct 7, 2019 by

I have disturbing news I want to share with you. Following Hopi Tribe’s major legal defeat in losing water rights to LCR, a company called Pump Hydro — Storage LLC is proposing to build 2 dams near Sipaapu and Blue Springs. Both are critical to survival of Hopi culture and religion. It appears Navajo Nation is involved in some way. We are aware that Sipaapu is an umbilical cord connecting us to our Moher we call Waaki. It is our Mother Earth, commonly known by the public as the Colorado Plateau. ( Map is available upon request)

Grand Canyon Trust is already getting ready to challenge the project. We should join them as we don’t have money to hire lawyers.
I would like to have a meeting starting at 6:30 pm Wednesday October 16. Please bring guests who are interested in learning about this project. I will invite Ben Nuvamsa to attend.

The Good News is BMT has accomplished its goal and mission to save our pristine water by shutting down coal companies who have wasted our water for many years. The last train load of coal left. Mining is now shut down permanently. There is one remaining work that needs to be done. Peabody has started to reclaim the land that they disturbed. Mining regulations require Peabody to restore the land to it natural condition.

To make sure Peabody reclaims the land, mining law and regulation require Peabody to buy insurance, bond prior to beginning of mining.
This is to make sure Peabody fulfills the requirement, if Peabody fails to do so, OSM will then use bond money to finish the job.

Once they finish reclaiming the land and water leased from Hopi and Navajo tribes, the company will ask OSM to be released from all liabilities. Under the regulation OSM has to receive input from people who are directly impacted by mining. This is done through public hearings.

BMT will sponsor and conduct a 2-day workshop in early February 2020 and put together a plan in preparation for bond release hearing.

Peabody under the watch of OSM has caused massive destruction to our waters, archaeological sites, religious shrines and land. We must not allow Peabody to walk away from this train-wreck. OSM has already treated Peabody like a special customer. OSM has allowed Peabody to do what it wants taking advantage of loopholes in mining laws and regulations. For example, OSM does not require Peabody to post Navajo aquifer reclamation bond.
Another task we have is to wake up the Hopis. Most of them are not aware about the importance of Sipaapu to the survival of Hopi civilization.

After the minor surgery on my foot, I am rethinking my life. I am close to 80 years of age and with my health condition I cannot promise to save Sipaapu. Perhaps some other organizations can. Certainly, the Hopi Tribal Council and Chairman should.

I want to spend time with our large and growing family. They are very important. Beky and I are blessed with 14 grandchildren and 8 Great grandchildren.

I am recovering. I will go back to Flagstaff Medical to have doctors look at the toe and make further recommendations.
This has also given me time to reflect. As we now know mining on BM mining has ended. It took us 30 years of hard work but our work has paid off, thanks to all of you and our funders. Now we have other just as important work to continue making sure religious sites will be protected against this kind of developers. Our work is not yet Over!!!

Qwak kwa and Thank you for your commitment to this cause.


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