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Art by: Furia ACK, a street artist from Portugal living in London.

drumpf ate his stupid Wheaties early this morning, eager to start another long day of being quite possibly the stupidest MFer ever to hold office in America… must be nice to have that monkey off your back Louie Gohmert.

Um, the reason we’re not having a gun debate is because it’s like 6:30 in the AM, dumbass, and the only debate most folks are having are whether to fire up the coffee pot or roll over. But when everyone is fully awake we can discuss how much worse last night’s attack would have been if the militants in the U.K.  had been legally allowed to obtain sidearms at a swap meet or out of a gumball machine like they would be here in the good ole USA… shit for brains.

Yes, yes, Donald, how much better for the people of London it would be if their Mayor followed your brave example, lit his wig on fire and seized on this opportunity to Tweet inane racist garbage and use the attack to further a fascist agenda. “Keep Calm and Carry On” was just Nazi enabling Peace Monkey shit used by that Libtard Winston Churchill before he surrendered in WWII. Right?

Yeah, let’s get smart about security by using ICE and Homeland Security to round up radicalized Mexican guest workers for old traffic violations. That’ll really stick it to ISIS!

Comforting to know the ex-leader of the free world is up this morning reviewing our security measures with his Twitter followers.

I feel all warm and fuzzy and safe inside.

Don’t you?


  1. Totally a bad idea for Duratti at the Daily Kos to do a piece without direct proof in his so called news. Daily Kos, your writer/reporter is a sock puppet. There, I could do journalism but it sank to another new low with Duratti. Duratti, Edna Braezeale would not have approved.

  2. homeboy

    how about this for the title of your article “idiot guy with a keyboard types idiotic stuff about the US Pres”

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