You might remember from grade school science class that water vapor is all around us, taking part in a continuous cycle that fills the clouds, lakes, and oceans with moisture. The people at Water-Gen have found a way to draw this moisture out of the air to produce clean drinking water for those who have none. The device can yield up to 825 gallons of water per day, making it a necessity for inhabitants of a warming planet.

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Water-Gen’s unique system is built to harvest condensation out of thin air. Three sizes of these water-generating machines use an array of plastic “leaves” that funnel warm and humid air through the device. The largest unit can produce 825 gallons of water per day at 80 degrees and 60 percent humidity, its medium device can yield 118 gallons, while its smallest device – for the home or office – can produce 4 gallons each day. All that is required is a connection to an energy source, yet it is estimated that each gallon will only cost 10 cents in energy usage.

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“Places that do not have drinking water in pipes are usually hot and humid,” CEO and founder Arye Kohavi told Business Insider. Luckily, the system thrives on hot and humid environments, making it a perfect match for areas facing water scarcity. The company is already engaged in talks with several different governments about how the system can benefit those who need water-generating machines, instead of purification systems. “Water from air is for places that you don’t have any water to filter,” Kohavi explained. And, as climate change persists, the need for clean drinking water will surely increase.

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