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This is URGENT. Read and act within the next 24 hours.

The Texas Medical Board (TMB) is no stranger to corruption. They’ve been sued by doctors for misusing their power (manipulation of anonymous complaints, conflicts of interest, violation of due process, breach of privacy, retaliation against those who speak out);  they’ve used the DEA to illegally access medical files and prescription drug records… the list goes on and on.

Anyone following the BURZYNSKI story knows they’ve used their power to attempt to get rid of The Burzynski Clinic for market competition reasons—efforts masked as “protecting the public”. The TMB has tried and failed to revoke Dr. Burzynski’s medical license nearly 2 dozen times since the 1980s.

The citizens of Texas have had enough of this misconduct and their voices have resulted in a failure of the TEXAS SUNSET ADVISORY COMMISSION to extend the life of the Texas Medical Board (customarily reviewed every 12 years and extended). Given the TMB’s decades-long abuse of power in their efforts to stifle any medical entity that tries to be innovative or threaten the status quo, the Texas Medical Board is set to expire on September 1, 2017. You read that right. The Texas Medical Board will cease to exist unless Texas Governor Greg Abbott calls a special session to extend the board.  

Read more about this here.

While many view the total elimination of the TMB as a stretch, these events could lead to a massive overhaul in TMB policy which is why your voice is crucial. If improvements were made, it could eliminate any further unwarranted proceedings against Dr. Burzysnki and his life-saving invention.

Want to help? This is URGENT. Read and act within the next 24 hours:

The best course of action is for us to have as many people as possible call the # below ASAP and state the following. This is a recorded voicemail – you get 2 minutes to leave message.
If you live in Texas, you should state your address in the voicemail. If you do not live in Texas, don’t mention where you live. This is a worldwide issue as The Burzynski Clinic is the only clinic in the world where ANTINEOPLASTONS are offered. It’s not necessary to mention Dr. Burzynski in the voicemail, the key points are below:

Say this in the 2-minute voicemail:

1.) You do not want the governor to help the Texas Medical Board by having a special session.
2.) You believe the TMB is corrupt, and out of control. It needs more oversight.
3.) If the TMB does continue, there needs to be someone doctors can go to if they are being harassed by the agency or if the agency acts frivolously vs. the doctor. There needs to be a third-party oversight group to keep them in check.
Information and Hotline for Austin, Texas and out-of-state callers: (512) 463-1782
Watch videos and highlights:
March, 2017: final hearing of TMB vs. Burzynski
May, 2016: defense hearing of TMB vs. Burzynski
November, 2015: prosecution hearing of TMB vs. Burzynski
BURZYNSKI: CANCER CURE COVER-UP (the most up-to-date documentary about the Burzynski saga) is available to stream, free for Prime members, rental for non-members AMAZON USA, AMAZON UK,  AMAZON GERMANY, and AMAZON JAPAN. If you do not live in those countries, you can also watch it on VHX.

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