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The world is brimming with awesome stuff. Amazing products. Gorgeous clothes. Exquisite artifacts. Fast cars. And electronics. So many awesome electronics! Smartphones, laptops and apps galore. There’s no question that we live in an age of unfathomable material bounty. And you know what? In nine cases out of ten, the chances are that you don’t need any of this stuff. Your current stuff probably works great. Your clothes clothe you with style and function (okay, you might need a couple pair of new socks). Your current car works great (it might need an oil change). And electronics, oh electronics–your iPhone 4 is awesome (like Star Trek, holy-crap awesome); your four year old laptop that starts up reliably, is a marvel–maybe not a marvel like the one that just came out yesterday, but a marvel nonetheless; and c’mon, you know you’re probably not going to use that awesome app in a week.

Remember, all of our stuff has an impact, be that impact psychological, financial, spatial (i.e. clutter) or environmental (the latter point can’t be overstated). The best course is normally to just not get it. And if you do get it, if you determine it’s something you really need, or, more likely, really want, make it count. Get the great stuff. Stuff you’ll cherish, care for and keep.

So if you’re on the fence about getting some new stuff, just remember, the stuff you have is awesome. You probably don’t need that.

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