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To many California residents, today was no different from any other spring day. The raised evening temperatures were busy alerting everyone that spring was here. Yet spring wasn’t the only thing in the air tonight on 2nd Street, Santa Monica. As the public descended upon the Monica Film Center, one could feel the electric buzz in the air. The moviegoers all sensed aspects of the momentum generated by some tipping point entered over the last few weeks. What the near future held no one could predict.

The ticket holders and media present at the Friday premiere of the documentary film Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe were riding the electric eel roller coaster created just days before by The De Niro Moment on the Today show. By the size of the crowd, it appeared all had taken De Niro’s recent advice when he stated on the Today show:

All I wanted, was for the movie to be seen. People can make their own judgement, but you must see it.

It’s not often that a seven-time academy award nominee decides to fire shots at pharmaceutical company overreach and question the safety of vaccines on a live, mainstream news. The street and lobby of the Monica Film Center was properly filed with people from all walks of life. What did they have in common? Each has been inappropriately touched by the pharmaceutical industry — children molested by vaccine-injury, the regression of an infant into autism before a parent’s eyes and others just sick of being lied to. There was a common bond shared by the films attendees tonight akin to a reunion of allied soldiers meeting at a safe house to reminisce and trade war stories about a battle raging just outside. For the moment this was neutral ground and the small, bittersweet victory was celebrated before rejoining the conflict waiting beyond the exit doors of the Monica Film Center.

The crowd’s size and origins swelled more than any mainstream media astroturf report would have it’s consumers believe. Attending were warrior parents whose vaccine-injured children wait for them at home, babysat by a close family member or trusted friend. Present were members of the current medical and pharmaceutical community who are questioning vaccine schedules and their safety. Citizen journalists, whose drive for the truth slayed the mainstream’s reporting and credibility from the get go. Last but not least were the unknown number of curious patrons hoping to see what the buzz was all about — the “X” factor being exposed to info that will make them question their trust in pharmaceutical companies and the American health care system.

Will other celebrities and influential voices show up in support — or perhaps out of curiosity — to the film’s California showings? With De Niro boldly putting himself out there — now standing alongside fellow actors Jim Carrey and Rob Schneider — much needed cover has been afforded for others in all areas of film, media and journalism to follow their curiosity or stand boldly for truth and open discussion. It is now time for social media communities to show their support and join the discussion alongside De Niro and others who have risked it all to warn the public. With a pharmaceutically captured mainstream media, the public’s hope rests upon rapidly activated populations demanding Dr. William Thompson’s subpoena and the coordinated push back against willfully criminal vaccine-slinging pharmaceutical companies.

The film’s Strong momentum out the gates and De Niro’s viral buzz is forcing the mainstream to have this discussion. Next week, Fox news and CNN will be interviewing the Vaxxed producers. Regardless of how the interview’s will be framed, we all win as conversations are now being forced upon historically biased and hesitant mainstream news stations.

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