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NYC park overhaul / Chang W. Lee, The New York Times

Meet the Garden Designer Who Transformed Rio de Janeiro Wired, 5/18/16
“’You can’t talk about Rio de Janeiro without talking about Burle Marx,’ says Claudia Nahson, a curator at the Jewish Museum in New York City. ‘He shaped the city with public works.’”

The Hudson River Will Soon Have New Look as Construction Begins on Thomas Heatherwick’s Pier 55 Architectural Digest, 5/19/16
“The look of New York City’s waterfront—all 520 miles of it—has been steadily changing over the past few decades, with gritty industrial strips being transformed into recreational landscapes.”

Sites of Demolished Detroit Homes Used to Soak Up Water The Detroit News, 5/19/16
“But Detroit’s water department and Land Bank Authority as well as the University of Michigan turned four vacant city lots into gardens designed to corral stormwater.”

Park Designer Brought People to St. Paul’s Riversides The Washington Times, 5/23/16
“Driving down St. Paul’s Shepard Road, Jody Martinez glances to her left: houses. And to her right: the parks she’s been designing for nearly 40 years. Beyond that, the river; always the river.”

Overhauling 8 Parks, New York Seeks to Create More Inviting Spaces The New York Times, 5/24/16
“On Tuesday, the city announced that eight parks will undergo ambitious face-lifts that are about more than just rehabilitation — it is a plan that represents an evolution, officials said, in New York’s approach to parks by making these public spaces blend better and be more welcoming to their neighborhoods.”

The National Parks Have Never Been More PopularFiveThirtyEight, 5/25/16
“As the National Park Service prepares to celebrate its centennial in August, the national parks have never been more popular.”

The Best Landscape Designs Don’t Require Hours of Watering and Maintenance The Washington Post, 5/26/16
“Pity the poor yard. It receives constant care and attention during the spring and summer, but let a few dry spells or heavy downpours mar its beauty and efficiency and suddenly it’s the bad guy.”

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