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If you have the ceiling height to accommodate them, loft beds are great space-saving alternatives to wall beds. But typically when people conjure up images of loft beds, they think of improvised plywood structures filling out dorm rooms and illegally subdivided urban apartments. Or they’re for kids. Brooklyn based Casa Collection might be changing those stereotypes with their recently released Urbano Collection. Urbano brings adult-grade design and construction to a piece of furniture typically used by the whippersnapper set.

On their site, Casa shows two models. One has a queen bed on top, with a sofa and desk on its base. The other model has a king bed on top and what amounts to a walk in closet for its base; the stairs accessing this model all have build in drawers. All of the pieces are made in Brooklyn, primarily with FSC and CARB certified birch and walnut plywood, according to Casa’s website. Custom options are available.

The Urbano Collection also features adult prices, ranging from $7-20K. This is real money, but considering the furniture can replace several pieces of conventional furniture and theoretically increase the usable square footage of your home, the prices are a bit easier to digest. See more on Casa Collection’s site.

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