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ASGK design crafts low-energy house in the bohemian countryside

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 bohemian countryside
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located on a piece of land in the countryside of czech republic, prague-based studio ASGK design has built a compact and comfortable timber refuge for a family surrounded by a peaceful setting of natural flora, woodland and water. the neighboring village buildings were taking into account of the realized design of ‘house zilvar’. the roof displays two variations of pitches and heights, while the façade is punctuated with a range of square-shaped windows – ranging from being operable, hidden or placed behind the façade to subtly let light permeate into the interior.

the weekend retreat is based on a land near a small village in east bohemia




the space is divided into organized programs with an open-plan format. the living room and kitchenette form is divided only by furniture, and a raised platform facing south serves as a zone for relaxation, reading and presents a view of the garden outside. taking advantage of the height created by the unconventional pitches, a second level has been added, overlooking the communal area and serves as a small niche. with the consistent material palette seen inside and out, the whole house is constantly related to the green exteriors- supported by the large, frame-less glazing- which ensures there is a constant flow of natural light entering.

raised platforms give the open-plan and comfortable space variation




designed to be a low-energy house; techniques and materials were used to protect the house from all seasons and make sure it is a comfortable living environment all year round. 



structural design:

•    the timber frame structure is designed using kvh construction timber profiles.
•    the roof covering is constructed from nailed covered OSB and fiberboard, as for the external walls.
•    the internal walls made from load-bearing kvh columns are covered by OSB on both sides.
•    non-load-bearing partitions are designed using a double-covered 100 mm thick plasterboard system.
•    moisture-resistant plasterboard is used in rooms with high moisture conditions.
•    the walls contain 18cm thick mineral wool insulation with 4cm fiberboard on the exterior.
•    the roof contains 18cm thick insulation, with 8cm fiberboard externally and also 4cm fiberboard internally.
•    the ground floor flooring uses insulation with a total thickness of 20cm.
•    windows are designed from wood profile with insulated triple glazing filled with inert gas.

the raised platform facing south serves as a relaxation zone with library and view out over the garden

the kitchen and dining looks out towards the countryside

the upper, mezzanine level contains a gallery containing a gallery where

the building is primarily heated using radiant infra-panels, and an additional wood-burning stove

the living room and kitchenette form one open whole which is divided only by furniture

a consistent material palette has been utilized throughout the scheme

the porch can be closed off completely using a sliding timber door

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