New York Mandates MMR Vaccine, Shuts Down Schools, Fines Parents

Apr 25, 2019 by

Vaccines Revealed

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Measles mania seems to have hit New York with a vengeance…and it’s causing a major outbreak of rights violations, fear-mongering, and government coercion.  Amid dire predictions of a “growing epidemic” in the state, officials first banned unvaccinated people from public places and then ordered a mandatory vaccination policy1 in four Brooklyn zip codes. Any parent who does not comply with this order faces court charges and a fine of up to $1,000. In addition to this, the state issued a warning that any school found to have non-vaccinated kids in attendance would be fined and/or shut down.In response to the draconian actions taken by the state, a lawsuit was filed by families who balked at having their right to personal medical choice taken away, despite the fact that laws in New York still allow for medical and religious exemptions. The suit was quickly dismissed in state court, and crackdowns increased. Every infant, child, and adult age 6 months or older must have proof of current measles vaccination, and the state will prosecute anyone who contracts the measles if they failed to comply after the mandatory vaccination order.In addition, state officials plan to trace the path of every individual who contracts the disease…following where they were and who they had contact with. Anyone who falls ill with measles and has not complied with the vaccination mandate will face misdemeanor charges and be fined. If they find an unvaccinated child among the patient’s contacts, they will fine the child’s parents.

As of April 18th, more than four schools had been shut down2 for being in violation of the new vaccine policy by allowing an unvaccinated child to attend, or by failing to produce vaccination records for every child in attendance. In addition, at least 3 parents have been charged with misdemeanors and fined.Measles is not the “dangerous disease” the media is portraying it as; it’s a mild disease in most cases that has not caused a death in the United states for over four years3…and that death occurred in a woman who was on immune-suppressant drugs for another underlying condition. The case, which happened in 2015, broke a 12-year streak in which no one—not a single person—died from measles-related complications.The lack of measles-related deaths is not due to the absence of outbreaks. Over the years there have been similar upticks in cases, for example in 2014 there were 667 cases of measles reported—and no deaths. In countries where people have access to healthy food, good health care, and simple medications to bring down fever, it’s rare to see deaths from measles. In fact, as the chart below shows, the rate of death from measles complication had already plummeted well before the vaccine was created.Forcing people to undergo a medical procedure against their will and then taking them to court if they refuse to comply is a gross violation of civil liberties. Shutting down schools…most of which are private religious schools, for allowing healthy children whose parents choose not to vaccinate to attend is a punitive act that has enormous financial and educational consequences. Requiring six-month-old infants to receive a vaccine that the CDC itself does not recommend4 for anyone under 12 months of age is a reckless action that has a strong potential to cause permanent damage and death in far more children than measles ever could.The only epidemic that is threatening our nation is the virulent surge of unreasonable fearmongering and hype that has frightened people into allowing an unacceptable intrusion of government control. Once a precedent has been set that the government can declare an “emergency” and mandate vaccination over what amounts to a handful of cases of a mild disease (while punishing those who don’t comply), there is a huge potential that similar actions will be taken in the future. We must speak up now and protect our nation from the current outbreak of fear and coercion that is threatening our right to make choices for ourselves and our children.One way to speak up is to contact your legislators in the House and Senate.  If you don’t know who they are, an easy way to find them and their contact information is to visit and enter your zipcode.  Another way to make a difference is to share the Vaccines Revealed link so that others can watch the eye-opening documentary that exposes the truth behind vaccines.  Here’s the link:,The Vaccines Revealed Team

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