Old pickle factory converted into beautiful, nearly net-zero energy home

May 11, 2015 by

The 1880s warehouse was converted into a modern live-work studio for fine arts photographer Jaime Alvarez and girlfriend Leah Shepperd. Bright Common shows off the factory’s industrial character with the inclusion of exposed original brick and even a vintage motor—once part of a service elevator—that hangs above the kitchen counter. However, the new home still achieves a contemporary and fresh aesthetic through open-plan layouts, state-of-the-art Energy Star appliances, and clean minimalist furnishings.

The spacious industrial building minimizes heat loss with super insulated and airtight construction as well as a high-efficiency air-to-air heat pump. A two-story-tall operable skylight space and other windows allow natural light and ventilation to pass through the space. Careful design of the dovetailed energy and envelope systems has earned the project a HERS rating of 34 and infiltration rate of 1.97 ACH50. Due to the “near net-zero energy retrofit,” the studio only totals around $175 a month in utility bills.

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