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Its ecofriendly, low-maintenance design leaves a family with more time to relax and enjoy the weekend home

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No muss, no fuss and no fossil fuels required were the main qualities this couple sought for their weekend and eventual full-time home. During a three-year search for a house in central Vermont, they knew they weren’t up for the maintenance and remodeling that the antique houses on the market would have required. One of the homeowners is an engineer who builds factories and puts in pipes, pumps, boilers and wires all day. He wanted a house without all the complexity of so many parts and pieces that always need to be fixed and maintained. So they researched passive house construction, found an abandoned farm with a house dilapidated beyond repair onsite, worked with a team of experts and built a new home that is certified by Passive House Institute US, or PHIUS. Now taking care of and heating the home is simple and easy, just as the couple dreamed it would be.

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