Personal Spaces: 8 Homes That Upped Their Energy Efficiency

Mar 12, 2018 by

Get ideas for collecting greywater, building with rammed earth and siting houses to take advantage of the sun

Houzz Contributor.
When it comes to making energy-efficient design choices, there are lots of things you can do without remodeling (or moving), including choosing appliances with the Energy Star label, switching to compact fluorescent or LED lights, and improving insulation and windows.

But if you are looking to remodel (or build from scratch), even more options begin to open up. With the thoughtful use of energy-efficient architecture and systems — like passive solar design, radiant heat and rammed-earth construction — even a large home can end up more efficient than a traditionally built home of the same (or even smaller) size. Get inspired by eight homeowners from our My Houzz series who have made big choices that led to significantly lower energy bills and a lighter footprint on the land.

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